About David Kilpatrick

David is an NCTJ qualified journalist, experienced editor and designer, and qualified as a photographer with both the British Institute of Professional Photography (Fellow) and Master Photographers Association (Associate and Hon. Fellow). His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, TES, The Guardian, The Telegraph and countless other magazines and newspapers; he has illustrated annual reports, photographed and designed award-winning calendars, produced film and audio-visual presentations, created exhibitions and provided consultancy to many organisations.

His company won the 1987 PIRA Desktop Publishing Award – the first ever given – and has featured in Apple’s promotional literature. A pioneer of digital imaging from the late 1980s, he was given the President’s Award of the BIPP in 1991 for this work. He has written several technical books on photography and edited or co-written many more, and has been editor of several national professional photographic magazines.

David is currently publisher and editor of f2 Freelance Photographer and Cameracraft magazines, publisher of Master Photography, and a regular technical contributor to the British Journal of Photography. He also runs the Photoclubalpha web site and forum.

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