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  1. Hi David!
    I have a Samyang 14mm on my Sony A7r today. I am thinking that I would buy the new Voightlander 15mm for e-mount instead. Do you know how Sharp the Voightlander is compared to the Samyang?

  2. admin says:

    The main difference is the the Voigtlander has nearly perfect geometry, while the Samyang has a very moustache-form wavy horizon; also, the Voigtlander is likely to be consistently sharp from copy to copy, where the Samyang may vary a lot and getting a good lens is a lottery. I’d have to rate the Voigtlander example I have used as much sharper than the Samyang. But there’s a new AF Samyang in dedicated FE mount on the way and who knows what this will like? We will be getting one to test.

  3. Edwin Genaux says:

    Hope this gets to David! but not to comment on your equipment posts. I am glad to see someone posting about the A7 series and lenses available. I have had my A7s for 1 1/2 years and no real place to view tests before buying. And will subscribe to a magazine that has good info on uses and operating mode differences. I got the A7s due to it’s 5 frames @ +/-3 ev for HDR use and moon and Landscape but also have found the dynamic range is just as good without HDR methods as I play with different shots. Will follow your posts and thank you for sharing!

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