David Kilpatrick has been organiser of Kelso Folk Club – jointly or solo – since 1995. He is well known in guitar-playing and folk club circles, but not a ‘gigging musician’ – a handful of Edinburgh Fringe appearances, Borders Books gigs, folk club guest visits and that’s the story! The main reason for this is work, and a commitment to running a weekly Friday night session with guest artists in Kelso.

In 2020 David produced a second full-length high quality CD featuring 21 tracks by club members, available now through the club’s website:
Here you will also find more about the club.

David has a Soundclick archive with nearly 100 recordings of traditional and original tunes and songs, some carefully mastered and some quickly captured before they were forgotten. You can find this at

Alternatively, a simple list of tracks with direct mp3 streaming has been placed on this page.

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  1. Karen Walker says:

    I have just found a post from 16years ago looking for a book called The Jubilee Temperance Reciter from 1887. My father has recently died and I have found this book. Not sure if the post was from you or not but if it was, let me know what you wanted to know.
    Kind regards

    Karen Walker

  2. Hi Karen, sorry about the delay in responding as I don’t get notifications from this site. I finally did find the lyric involved but no doubt lost it again as ultimately it didn’t have the same potential to be a song as I thought. However, I am now reminded in time before Christmas and may look again! Thank you.

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